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free shipping on orders $99+! Join our mailing list for 10% OFF YOUR 1st PURCHASE.

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Iconic Hollywood Producer - Pirates of the Caribbean, Top Gun, The Amazing Race

"Just Add Water has given me the energy that I need to get me through my very busy days. It gives me the nutrients and vitamins to keep my body working at the highest level. Ever since I have been using it I don't get that late afternoon fatigue. Helps keep my mind clear and sharp. It's my miracle fix and I look forward to it every day."



Founder of Solluna and New York Times bestselling author
“Just Add Water is a wonderfully tasty, balanced and convenient supplement to add on top of a whole-foods based diet for busy people! Serena really cares and does not cut corners.” 



Writer and Senior Events Editor at The Hollywood Reporter
“Chef Serena Poon’s Just Add Water is magical. I keep it in my desk drawer or carry it around in my bag and drink it as an afternoon pick me up when I’m on the go. This superfood elixir keeps me satisfied without feeling bloated and during busy days it helps me feel alert and energized without a crash. Ever since I’ve been drinking Just Add Water, I’ve seen positive effects on my overall health including glowing skin due to the many adaptogenic herbs inside. The nutrient-packed ingredients have also helped curb my sugar cravings — and it doesn’t hurt that it’s delicious and easy to make!”



Co-Founder & Co-Owner Cryohealthcare, Emma’s Coffee Co. 

"I have worked in preventive health and wellness for about a decade now and I have come across many products over the years.  Just Add Water is just brilliant, and I am excited to soon have it available in our stores as it perfectly ties into our mission to reduce inflammation to maximize health and performance. The amount of thought and craftsmanship that went into it is impressive, and Serena did an amazing job turning this “superfood cocktail” into a delicious treat." 



Best Selling Author, Recipient of The Mahatma Gandhi Award, CEO Passport to Beauty, Ready Set Jet 

"Chef Serena Poon is not only someone I get to call a good friend, but is also someone that works with a lot of celebs to keep them looking and feeling amazing in their travels.  Here’s a little secret product that she whips up for me when I travel.  Full of protein, superfoods and herbs, she knows how to make me feel amazing.  Whether I’m on the road or even at home on the go or to just get my morning off to a healthy start."



Founder & Owner Erika Bloom Pilates, Celebrity Pilates Guru 

"Just Add Water is so perfect to keep in my bag when I’m teaching or traveling. I love that it has everything I need to feel good all in one: greens, probiotics, enzymes, and adaptogenics.”



Co-Founder Cult Beauty & Remedie Home

"Just Add Water is amazing.  I feel fantastic.  I had two glasses of prosecco yesterday and normally I wouldn’t be feeling optimal.  But countered with Just Add Water, I feel like I can conquer the world."



Host of Good Morning LaLaLand & Managing Editor of FOCUS Magazine
"I am an absolute girl on the go and I couldn’t do it without Just Add Water™. I wanted to share one of my little secrets from Chef Serena Poon. She’s keeping me healthy from the red carpet to the runway and all my days at the studio.  Thanks Serena!"  



Owner, Thrive + Fly Coaching

"As a woman who appreciates any great life hack that creates more simplicity in my day, as a wife/mom who wants to deliver clean nutrition to her family, and as a life & wellness coach focused on vitality over 40- I can say that Just Add Water by Serena Poon offers us all so many wonderful solutions, in one tiny packet! And this is true for me, my family and my clients. Not only does it fortify our day with nutrients, adaptagens, prebiotics and probiotics—but it does it easily and on the go, which is why it so sustainable. And that is really the key:  It is easy, quick, effective and delicious. Therefore we actually stick with it!  i.e.- No more standing in the kitchen for 10 minutes every morning with 20 bottles of vitamins on the counter trying to remember which one we already took and then, you know…. giving up after 3 days because it’s just too much. Gone is the waste of time, the waste of vitamins that we stop taking, the waste of space that so many bottles take up…. And gone is the waste of mental energy to sort through it all to time the supplements properly.  And on top of all that- I love how Just Add Water makes me feel: Fortified. Energized. And like I just did something nice for myself by satiating a sweet craving with a delish, nutrient dense treat. So, If you love checking things off of your to-list—this one little packet allows a person to check off around 10 things in one sitting!

  • Take vitamins
  • Take prebiotics
  • Take probiotics
  • Take adaptogens
  • Curb sweet cravings
  • Save time in my day to create time for something else that I love
  • Savor the thought that I have nourished myself
  • Set my day up for success by creating more vitality/ fewer cravings
  • Reduce waste /carbon footprint by reducing # of products that I buy/ship
  • Save money (see above)"



Global Restaurant Executive and Strategist

"Just Add Water is the perfect solution for my morning routine.  Whether I want something simple after my early morning workout or a mid-morning snack — it gives me an added boost of energy without the side effects of caffeine.  And it tastes great too!" 



North Carolina writer and influencer that can be found with her muse at

"I fell in love with the simplicity of Just Add Water single serving packs. Being on the go I like that I can simply add one to my bottled water. The delicious packs are the right size to take with me and with a few quick shakes it is ready to drink. I love that they are filled with amazing organic and natural ingredients that are so beneficial for me. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to supplement their health journey."



Chinese Metaphysical Expert

"Celebrity Chef and Nutrition Expert Serena Poon brings her passion and expertise to everything she does. Including her newest venture – Just Add Water. A health drink made simple and easy to boost energy and empower your health. I love it! When there are so many other choices in the marketplace for powder drinks, why would you trust anything else when Serena has researched and modified her secret blend. Join her celebrity clientele for vibrant health to be at the top of your game. Just Add Water is excellent." 



Staying home and staying healthy with proper nutrition is essential. We hope to simplify your self-care efforts to stay safe with our superfood, gut-healing, immune system supporting packets.