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Traveling with Health & Balance

February 05, 2018

I love to travel.  Especially as a chef and a fearless foodie, traveling the world has become the ultimate culinary university for me. Each adventure offers newfound knowledge and thoughtful inspiration for me to recreate in my own kitchen. But I am also very health conscious and I believe that an optimal lifestyle means you feel great every day, no matter where you are in the world. While adventurous experiences may invigorate our heart and soul, the changes in routine, environment and time zones can be tough on our bodies. So here are some tips I have for maintaining optimum health and balance while you’re traveling: 

  • Boost your immune system before you fly. For a few days before you travel, load up on freshly pressed organic green juice (try my Luminous Elixir) and your probiotics. If you already do this everyday, you’re in great shape! The vitamins and nutrients from the juice, along with the probiotics will strengthen your digestive system and thereby the entire immune system.
  • Stay super hydrated before and during your flight. It’s the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick. The lack of moisture in the pressurized cabins of airplanes dries out our mucous membranes, which makes it hard for our bodies to flush out germs. Bring an empty water bottle through security to fill on the plane or pack some high-water content fruits or veggies like cucumbers, celery or melons to snack on. The extra hydration also keeps your skin looking fresh when you land!
  • Pack your vitamins, supplements or Just Add Water™. If you take vitamins and supplements on a regular basis, it’s important to pack a supply for the duration of your trip so that you can maintain your routine and keep your body balanced with the nutrients it needs. Just Add Water™ is a great addition to your daily nutritional self-care because it provides you with all the nutrients and support your body needs to maintain balance, especially when you are out of your regular routine.
  • Pack healthy, low-sodium and low sugar snacks for the plane. I love making an easy trail mix whenever I travel. Usually, it’s a combination of raw, unsalted organic nuts like almonds or cashews and some dried, unsweetened, organic berries. Berries are naturally low in glycemic, full of fiber and antioxidants and when dried, can be both tart and sweet. Try adding dark tart cherries, as they have natural melatonin for helping you sleep. The nuts are a great source of fiber, healthy fats and vitamin B6, so they help fight that post flight bloat. For a special treat, throw a few pieces of extra dark chocolate chips – they’re full of polyphenols that have a prebiotic effect, helping your gut and digestion. 
  • Bring some herbal teas for the flight and your trip. Herbal tinctures and salves are great for helping us maintain balance when we’re away from home and teabags are the easiest (and lightest) way to travel with them. I love Ginger teas because in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s warming for the body, which helps with that cold, re-circulated air in the airplane cabin. It’s also great for healthy digestion and nausea that can come with motion sickness. Chamomile and Lavender teas are great for calming your nerves and helping you relax. Cranberry tea is a great way to relieve that temporary water weight a lot of us get when we fly, especially on longer intercontinental flights.
  • Healthy meal on the flight. Even if you don’t have time to pack a snack or a meal before you head to the airport, you can still give yourself healthy choices for your in-flight munching.  Pick up a to-go meal like a salad, a wrap or fresh fruit on your way to the gate, or choose dishes that offer lots of vegetables and lean meat from the flight menu.  You’ll sleep better on the flight and feel better when you land.

 XO - Serena

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