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How To : Boost Your Cacao Ceremony

January 20, 2021

Open your heart, balance your mood, and love your gut with this cacao ceremony boost! Cacao ceremonies can help you practice presence, focus, honesty, or be a part of your breathwork and meditation. A cacao ceremony can also look like a dance party! The beauty of this rich ritual is that it can be built around the healing and growth you need that day. 

Cacao ceremonies might be trending, but this is actually an ancient practice (think Mayan and Aztec times) during which cacao is consumed to elevate a spiritual ritual



The most simple way is to just make cacao part of your morning routine. Have 1 oz of cacao powder with hot water to start your day. You can even add it to your daily morning beverage if you like. If you’re not a morning person, try this in the afternoon instead! Here are a few cacao ceremony ideas : 


  1. Approach with gratitude: prepare your heart space with a receptive attitude before and while sipping your hot cacao. 
  2. Add physical movement like dance: take advantage of that grounding energy boost and move your body with dance, stretching, or a gentle yoga flow. 
  3. Go with the flow: add cacao to your meditation practice or “flow state”. Allow what is nourishing to unfold and listen to what comes up in your heart. 
  4. Get Creative: Cacao can help put you into your creative mindset and give you the energy to tap into your sense of purpose.


    RECIPE :


    1-2 Tbsp Cacao Elixir of choice

    1 Packet of Just Add Water®

    1 tsp honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar (optional)

    Pinch sea salt

    Pinch cayenne pepper

    50ml Plant milk (I’m loving hazelnut with my cacao at the moment)

    250ml boiling water



    Focus: The antioxidants found mainly in the form of epicatechin are very beneficial to brain health. They provoke angiogenesis, neurogenesis and spark regions involved in learning and memory. Cacao has been compared to caffeine and psychedelics although it has neither of the same properties and is safe and legal. The naturally stimulating properties of this superfood can help you to grow in your meditation practice. 


    Heart-Opening: One of the molecules in cacao, called Theobrine, is a stimulant that helps to get your blood pumping. This grounding energy source is focused in your heart rather than your nervous system, and aids in the intention and feelings of openness. Embrace this loving and receptive force by having deep relationship conversations, practicing self-care, or answering reflective questions. 


    Mood-Boosting: Rich in anandamide and PEA, cacao has been shown to improve mood by reducing emotional stress and improving cognition. It contains, epicatechin, which is one of the antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). This flavonoid, epicatechin, could be a key ingredient in decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and stroke. 


    Sensual: Chocolate is the official food of Valentine’s Day for a reason. The connection between chocolate and sensuality has been said to result from the release of multiple gut and brain peptides. Arousal, motivation, and mood are rooted in your brain, and the antioxidants in cacao or cocoa powder stimulate these. 


    Good for Your Health: Besides the antioxidants, cacao contains iron, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients. Add a packet of Just Add Water® to your cup and boost the benefits!

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