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All The Best Fall Self-Care Tips

October 28, 2020

Fall is truly the season of slowing down, harvesting the fruits of your labor, celebrating, and practicing gratitude. There are many ways to do that in our life! We can embrace the autumn season in how we eat, the way we approach relationships, reflect on our personal challenges or accomplishments, and even in our beauty routines. This is the perfect time in the cycle of nature to choose ease over discomfort, to simplify and balance out life in order to prepare for the colder season ahead. 

On the indigenous “medicine wheel”, fall is located in the west representing the sunset. Truly, the metaphors of harvesting and celebrating before the night of winter are reflected in the weather and colors of fall. There are also many traditions during this time and seasonal foods to get excited about! Think Halloween, pumpkin everything, apple crisps, Thanksgiving, and lots of crockpot comfort food! 

If you haven’t REALLY taken the time to embrace self-care in this difficult year, now is the perfect time. HERE is the round up of our favorite fall self-care tips on everything from nutrition, to mental health, to personal growth, to skin care! 




  • Rest and allow yourself a break
  • Embrace hygge
  • Balance Vata - Focus on warmth
  • Get creative with pumpkins
  • Try a daily deep breathing exercise
  • Call friends or family. Focus on meaningful connection and share stories.
  • Stay active. 
  • Grounding - Take more nature walks. Try grounding yoga poses. 
  • Start and finish a new book this season
  • Get out the sweaters and warm socks from the closet
  • Try the Serena Loves’ candle 
  • Wear fall colors


  • Harvest - gather up what you’ve learned this year, mentally and emotionally. Gather the fruits of your labor. 
  • Write down what you want to let go of and do it, like the leaves falling from the trees
  • Start a Fall season goals journal
  • Try daily acts of kindness for others. Maybe volunteer or donate to a charity. 
  • Try a new hobby
  • Start a daily gratitude list or  a “no complaining” 21 day challenge 


  • Wear body lotion 
  • Lavender & oil baths 
  • Drink warm water and lemon 
  • Try a richer moisturizer as skin is dryer in colder weather 
  • Try a warm Abhyanga Oil Massage
  • Do more exfoliating and try dry brushing
  • Try a new hydrating face mask
  • Reintroduce retinol products into your skincare routine but don’t skimp on sunscreen



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Staying home and staying healthy with proper nutrition is essential. We hope to simplify your self-care efforts to stay safe with our superfood, gut-healing, immune system supporting packets.