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How Probiotics & Prebiotics Work Together

February 22, 2021

Poor gut health has been plaguing Americans for decades, but the stress, poor diet choices, lack of exercise, and illness in one year may have doubled the damage on our microbiomes in comparison to years past. Did you know that we have about 2 lbs of microbes living in our gut? Yes, that’s a lot of bacteria. What is especially interesting is these bacteria are unique from person to person. Nobody’s microbiome looks the same. This individual make-up is influenced by stress, lifestyle habits, age, fat tissue, genetics, exercise, and the type of food you eat. 

So what is this unique “microbiome” of yours  responsible for? Your gut bacteria don’t just digest food, they communicate with your brain, immune system, and hormones. Your gut can cause cravings, alter your mood, cause breakouts, disrupt your cycle, inhibit your memory, negatively impact your ability to perform, weaken your ability to fight viruses, and so much more.⁣ Did you know that nearly 70 percent of your immune system is housed in your gut? 


So how can you support a healthy gut and ease many of the health issues you may be facing? You may have heard about probiotics and prebiotics. The two work in conjunction with one another. 



Simply put, probiotics promote the growth of “good bacteria.” These good bacteria fight what are called pathogenic organisms in your gut. These bacteria also help you to break down and digest your food, absorb nutrients, contribute to skin health, boost and help communicate with your immune system, and also control the communication between your gut and brain. Probiotics are what you want to implement into your diet on a daily basis if you are struggling with gut issues. Allergies, autoimmune diseases, asthma, and so much more are caused from unbalanced gut bacteria.

Focusing on whole foods that are rich in probiotics and prebiotics can help with your weight-loss goals and optimizing many elements of your overall health. When you eat high-sugar foods, lots of carbs, and other foods that lack nutrition, you trigger your bad bacteria. Bad bacteria raise your blood sugar levels, decrease your metabolism, cause you to gain weight and have higher levels of body fat. Having a higher diversity of gut bacteria, no matter how many calories you eat, plays a major role in your body fat percentage. Regardless of the food we eat or the diet that we’re on - if our microbiomes aren’t healthy, we are not healthy.⁣ 

While your primary intake of probiotics should be from whole foods, you can always supplement with a product like Just Add Water®. 


Simply put, prebiotics are the fiber foods which feed bacteria. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that are food for the good bacteria in your gut and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Prebiotic foods travel through the digestive tract undigested. When they get to the colon, they feed the probiotic bacteria in the gut and some foods naturally ferment - all helping to boost the microbiome balance. Studies also have shown that prebiotics stimulate the immune system, aid in the digestion of food, and provide fuel for the growth of cells lining the colon. 

Some of our favorite sources of prebiotics include chicory, garlic, asparagus, bananas, onions, chia seeds, and of course our product - Just Add Water®. Only consuming probiotics isn’t enough for your gut to reap the full benefits. You need prebiotics to help them thrive and stay alive. Combining the two in your diet regularly has been linked to longevity! 


Did you know? Just Add Water® is gut-healing, full of probiotics, prebiotics, maca powder, super greens, and more essential nutrients? PLUS, it is an all-natural, plant-based product! 

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